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Ex Occidente Press  - http://www.exoccidente.com/

A small imprint focusing on works of fiction that evoke the phoenix-like spirit of Old Europa. They number among their list of titles some of the best books of recent years, both in terms of design and content.

Chômu Press - http://chomupress.com/

A paperback publisher dedicated seeking out and printing books of great literary ambition by modern authors whose works are unjustly neglected by the larger publishing community either because they do not conform to genre or stay apart from the dying embers of Modernism.

Tartarus Press  - http://www.tartaruspress.com/

Brittish based publisher of Arthur Machen, Sarban, Walter de la Mare and many other English authors of the sacred and the fantastic.

Friends of Arthur Machen  - http://www.machensoc.demon.co.uk/

The Friends of Arthur Machen is a fellowship which exists to foster interest in Machen and his work, to aid research, and of course for the pleasure of its members.

The Stefan George Society  - http://www.stefan-george-gesellschaft.de/

A German literary society dedicated to bringing together admirers and promoting the works of Stefan George, poet titanic and seer of this misbegotten age. Aside from publishing a journal, the George Yearbook, the society also curates and maintains a small museum in George's home town of Bingen am Rhein.

The J.K. Huysmans Society  (French) - http://www.societe-huysmans.paris-sorbonne.fr/1Accueil/Accueil_presentation.htm

A Parisian based literary society dedicated to preserving the memory and exploring the works of that great painter in words.

Pushkin Press - http://www.pushkinpress.com/engine/shop/index.html

British based publisher of neglected European classics. Responsible for bring the Anglophone world works by Morand and Hofmannsthal.